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Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical les test

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 12:13 pm
Did some tests with the Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical lenses. I thought it was appropriate to test the three (3)Multimode - Highest output - RGB diodes that are currently available; The MitsuP73 for the Red line ( 638nm), the NDG7475 for the Green line ( 520nm) and the NUBM044 for the Blue line ( 450nm ).

ALL testing were done with the G2 Collimation lens and the Farfield target distance at 10M. The Nearfield was measured with no C-lenses, at 152mm, just with the Collimation lens in place. The following results were obtained.

Laser Diode Nearfield Farfield Divergence(mRad) Wavelength

Mitsu P73 2.1mm Wide 10mm Wide 0.802 mRad 638nm
3.0mm Tall 3.0mm Tall
NDG7475 2.0mm Wide 8.75mm 0.685 mRad 520 nm
3.0mm Tall 4.5mm Tall
NUBM044 4.5mm Wide 8.5mm Wide 0.406 mRad 450 nm
3.0mm Tall 4.5mm Tall

See the attached Farfield pictures. They are not good....But then.....ALL metrics are accurate....So...There ya go... More details only available on a PM basis.