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ML562G85 639nm 2.1W 9mm Single beam

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:25 am
by siteadmin
Yup you read correct., that is the beautiful 639nm as used by Coherent Red OPSL

Always 638nm was too orange but this new diode from Mitsu is gona change all that.

The diode will be very hard to use given it has an emitter double the size of a P73, but as usual we'll give it a try and see what kind of beam we can come up with. I am about to order a few and the price is very ok ( Just Less than 100 Euros each ) even for small quantities. if interested in some, let me know asap and I will add some to the order for you.

Interesting observations are that the diode is rated at 2.1W at 2.2Amps, it has a max of almost 3amps so I am curious what output that will be, maybe 2.5W, and then PBS a pair together to form one mother of red sword, massive power Lumia pointer thing.

I feel the Holy grail will be a flashlight but not any faill. Especially for you beam.

Re: ML562G85 639nm 2.1W 9mm Single beam

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:28 pm
Wow...At long last....Some RED what COST ???? An emitter size...DOUBLE the P-73 ???? YIKES !!!!
It ALL starts with the Emitter geometry....and the more we move away from a point source....the more trouble we will have producing a useable beam !!!
SO...OK...maybe a 2mm EFL Collimation lens....coupled to...say.....a set of 12X Cylindrical lenses ???....we MIGHT....MIGHT get less than 1.0 mRad divergence....BUT...BUT....the " cost " will be a ....perhaps 6 ~ 7 mm Near Field !!...Likely USELESS for Projector application due the limit on the Scanner Mirror Size !!! Then again...IIRC.... The new Pangolin 506 Scanner set can swing larger X-Y mirrors. But 6 ~ 7 mm is awful wide !!!

SO...for Lumia or Hand Held application....a 6 ~ 7 mm wide Near Field is NOT a problem !

We will see !!! I have a few other ideas on how to correct the beam.....and still deliver a Near Field around 4mm....with divergence around 1.0 mRad....But....these are just simple complex idea........but NO Proof of Concept....maybe an try some experiments....too busy now with many other things !!!

In can bet the Project and Module Manufactures are throwing some R & D money at a solution !!!!!...Or maybe....we will have to figure it out !!!! Dunno....But....this G85 will be a real CHALLENGE to correct !!!!!

Thanx for the FIND on this diode !!!!!!

Re: ML562G85 639nm 2.1W 9mm Single beam

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:37 am
by siteadmin
I like it, without sharing too much to the public, and with our limited time.. I feel a buzz.

6-7mm i think is ok. as we've chatted already I also have some idea., first must get some in to test then we'll see.

Re: ML562G85 639nm 2.1W 9mm Single beam

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:20 am
Yes...A BuzZZZZZ.... !! Another Hill to climb !!! Two units...PBS'ed....Lota Red Photons for a advanced HH or a Lumia application...for sure !!!

How wide a geometry can the new 506 Pago Scanners handle ???? Can they do 6mm ???

Perhaps we can deliver a smaller Near Field...and still maintain 1.0mRad ????? Dunno ???????

But...I am sure many are thinking about how to utilize this LD !!!