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Solar Prominence lll

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:35 pm
" Solar Prominence lll "
Laser Lumia + Music addition = Synergy

Well....let me first note...that if you thought the " Laser Lumia Manifesto #1 "....was....err..." Out the Ort Belt "....well...hold on to yer hats....This project is off the measured by the " Tin Foil on Head 'O' Meter " !!! :lol:

I have engaged upon a project to couple Laser Lumia with Music....Now named as:
" Solar Prominence lll "

IMNSHO...Laser Lumia display that is coupled with audio music content would allow the music content to take centre stage....but...still allow Laser Lumia a powerful synergistic raise the overall emotional a value greater than the individual value of the addition of the two components ( Lumia + Music)...= Synergy.

Audio/Lumia synergy - Applied practice

About 9 months ago....I started building a Lumia machine... and at the same time I began talking with the fine folks at Foxtone and Sweetwater Music...suppliers of Synthesizer equipment. My goal has been to have the link between the music and the Lumia occur on an automatic, yet controllable platform. I envisioned that the music content would enter the system...and the Lumia RGB would react...without intervention.

To this end, I purchased a Eurorack Sound envelope follower and a LVO ADSR envelope modifier. My goal is to have a sonic event be connected to a single channel of an RGB Lumia generator. SO....I want a single channel of the RGB....say...the RED line, to be automatically coupled to the source audio....and be a function of the music amplitude ( volume). The Blue and Green line will be adjustable in output....but not linked to the audio content. The test unit is set up so that either the Red, Green or Blue can be the..."accent color". When an audio change event occurs...whichever R,G or B....responds in power output....But in a special way !! is very critical, as my interpretation of what the nature of Laser Lumia should be is .....SMOOTH....NO quick changes in display intensity !!

So...if the music sound volume has a rapid ramp up/increase....the "accent color" follows suite....but in a smooth response. This is where the ADSR unit comes into play. The Envelope follower generates a CV input based upon the musical input. The LVO module then modifies the sonic envelope output, thereby changing the ADSR signature. ADSR stands for " Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release " The LVO module then is coupled to one or more LD driver.

The desired sequence of Music~Laser intensity coupling is not a one to one rate.....but an " elastic " coupling. Let's say that if there is a rapid increase in the music sound level, the Laser output will respond...but...slowly....following the volume / amplitude....with a much slower response....and a much longer sustained display/reply. So...the Laser output will follow a modified audio ADSR envelope....and will modulate in a much more extended response.

System audio path as follows;

Audio/Music signal into the Euro Rack Envelope Follower module.
Envelope Follower signal into the LVO ADSR module.
Modified audio sonic envelope from the LVO ADSR module into the LSP/BBe Driver units.
LSP/BBe Driver units modulate the R,G or B LD output level as a function of audio amplitude.

System Laser section

LD compliment consisting of Dual 63196 Red, Single NUBM07E Blue and Single NUMB01T Green. IMNSHO....these are great lines and will have a combined output over 8W. Standard Dichroic combining is employed.

The beam propagation is adjusted to a very, very slightly off-axis alignment. The result is a generation of several colors...outside the constraint of only Red, Green and Blue. Disclaimer: This set-up was suggested to me by DSLI Jon. The idea is that in the central section of the beam arrangement, a color blending will occur. Blended gradations appear in various proportions/colors. On the mid to outer section annulus, pure R,G and B is distinct.

Lumia Distortion section

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of this section due to proprietary commitments. I will say that dual Lumia distortion disc's are employed and that the RPM speed is greatly reduced. The resulting Lumia patterns are quite beautiful and remind me of pictures of Solar Prominmence.

In the area of Lumia generation, my path has been greatly advanced and schooled by Clickamouse ( Mike Gould ) for which I am greatly appreciative !!!


The end goal for all this is a new approach to Lumia display which is linked to music content. A system engineered to deliver a degree of Laser Lumia effect, but that effectively coupled, in an " elastic " relationship, to any audio musical content.

When I get closer to testing all the section/systems I will publish some pictures...and likely a video. I do not know if such an approach to a Audio=>Lumia display will work or has been tried before ?????? Laser its very nature is slow, unfolding and graceful !!! I want to preserve that graceful quality of Lumia yet add/link the power of music to it.

The Eurorack units have many, many patch possibilities and have many control dials. In a will be able to control/modify the ADSR sound envelope. All these controls on the Eurorack units will deliver a great amount of diversity in selecting the nature of the ADSR envelope modification that is feed into the LSP drivers. ....which in turn modifies the Laser Lumia display...SOooo...this set up is a " Controllable Laser Lumia "

I want to sit back...truly enjoy the music...and appreciate the linked Laser Lumia display. I do not want the Laser display to distract, in any way, from the sonic beauty and wonder that is so valuable and appreciated !!! I want the Laser Lumia to be...well...a visual....delayed, sustained echo of the audio/music content. I am hopeful, this system can deliver that synergy of Music + Laser Lumia. Work continues on the project. Wish me Luck !

CDBEAM :mrgreen:
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Re: Solar Prominence lll

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:25 pm
It has been two (2) months since my last post regarding this project. I have been slowed by the colder weather ( Unheated Workshop ), a commission project...and another Non-Laser project.

However...during this time, I have added an audio spectrum analyzer and three (3) individual digital DC voltage displays to the Control Panel. Each separate DVM will display the 0~5 VDC input to the Driver Analog Control... See this link's below... ... 2086669556

and.... ... EBIDX%3AIT

I am thinking....any audio visualization well likely be a real help to run this machine....and the DVM displays will better quantify what settings are selected for the drivers. We will see ! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Re: Solar Prominence lll

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:47 pm
by siteadmin
I visited ther ebay page, those look very cool.

Have you coded them?

Re: Solar Prominence lll

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:47 am
Well...there is no " Coding " involved....good...since I am not a "Codehead".

The user controls consist of;
1) A pot for setting the unit sensitivity=>responsivity to incoming audio signal.
2) A momentary I/O P.button switch. Each I/O engagement advances the display mode selection to the next available display.

I prefer the bi-colour 53 bar frequency display with high point display for each bar.
The selected display returns each time the unit is powered down and then back up....which is good...since there are about
30 display modes available.

The project S L O W L Y marches on !