G-Code Gcode for Tapping Metric M5 0.8 Holes

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G-Code Gcode for Tapping Metric M5 0.8 Holes

Post by siteadmin » Mon May 01, 2017 4:19 pm

G-Code Gcode for Tapping Metric M5 0.8 Holes

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( Compression Tapping head )
( Tap Metric M5 x 0.8 )
( 9mm depth )
( Pathpilhot seting to Hi speed, belt to the top position )
( Tormach PCNC1100 )
( Calculation to obtain metric plung feed rate 0.8 x 300 = feedrate of 240 mm/s)
( Tap pitch x rpm = plunge rate )

( Absolute Positioning witrh reference to zero, G91 would be incremental positioning in which case we can move the head value, like in a loop inc X100 )

G00 X0Y0Z5
( Z5 is safe Z)

G00 X28.5000 Y7.5000
( go to the hole location )

(Start spindle at 300 Rpm Clockwize)
M03 S250

G01 Z-9 F240 
( Plunge down at F240 worked out better than 210 after adjustments )

M04 S250
(Reverse spindle at 300 Rpm)

G4 P0.5
( Paude motion half a second to allow the spindle to revearse direction )

G01 Z5 F240
( Revearse out of the thread )

G00 Z5
( Retract to save Z )

( Trun off the spindle )

( End of Program, Rewind and Reset Modes ) 

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